for the French language production of

« the Phantom of the Opera » by Andrew Lloyd Webber

At the Theatre Mogador in Paris in autumn 2016


The show will be entirely performed in French.

Audition dates:

FEMALE DANCERS: Monday, 15th of February 2016 – registrations at 9.30 AM

MALE DANCERS: Tuesday, 16th of February 2016 – registrations at 9.30 AM

Please show up at 9:30 for your registration so that a number and an audition time are attributed to you.

Please be available the entire day.


The audition will be held at: Théâtre Mogador, 23 rue de Mogador, 75009 Paris

Métro : Trinité d’Estienne d’Orves (12), Chaussée d’Antin Lafayette (7,9), Havre-Caumartin (3, 9), Auber (RER A)


Recommendations :

-        Wear tight fit dance clothes

-        Girls should bring pointe shoes

-        Bring your resume and picture.

If you are not available for the audition, please send us Resume, Picture, Dancing showreel at:


SINGERS/ACTORS (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY): from 22nd of February 2016.

 Please send, before February 8th, your Resume, picture and a singing demo (recommended) at the following email address :

Availability required from summer 2016 for a full season.


Stage Entertainment France is looking for the following roles:  

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actor, playing age: 30-40 years old. Minimum 1m80 (5ft11).

    Tenor/High baritone with an excellent operatic technic and a contemporary sound.  Able to sustain top G# with ease in full voice and top C# in falsetto.

    Elegant character, threatening and romantic, with a strong charism. He haunts the backstage of the Opera de Paris. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actress, playing age: 20-25 years old.

    A beautiful operatic soprano: range from G below middle C to top E.

    She’s a young dancer of the Opera de Paris, innocent, pretty and gracious. Her destiny guides her to suddently replace the diva singer, Carlotta. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actress, playing age: 30-40 years old.

    Excellent coloratura dramatic soprano. Requires opera training: range of middle C to top E. This middle aged and eccentric Primadonna of the Opera de Paris will be struck down by the phantom curse and will be replaced by the young singer Christine. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actor, playing age: 35 years old.

    Excellent operatic Tenor. Range to top C.  He is the typical italian operatic tenor, companion of Carlotta.  This character must have a real comical potential. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actor, playing age : 20-30 years old. Minimum 1m75 (5ft9).  

    Contemporary Tenor : 2 octaves, from low A to A flat in full voice.

    Young, aristocratic man, Vicomte de Chagny is the new philantropist of the Opera de Paris. He is a great admirer of Christine and will fall in love with her. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actor, playing age: 40-50 years old.

    Baritone with top E/F. One of the two Opera managers. He is a business man, he is worried about money. He is the associate of Mr André. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actor, playing age: 30-40 years old.

    High Baritone/Tenor with an operatic quality: low A to A flat with ease.

    The other manager of the Opera. Charming with an artistic temperament, he has a enormous admiration for the Opera. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singer/Actress, playing age: 30-50 years old. Minimum 1m65 (5ft5).  

    Mezzo soprano. Requires opera training: range to top B flat.

    At the head of the Ballet of the Opera, she is strict and severe but also elegant. Her mystical way, gives her a special connection with the Phantom of the Opera. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Singers/Actors(tresses) : Playing age: 20-50 years old. They all should have a solid opera training. Be able to be part of a real Opera choral sound, and possible understudy of the different roles above and also perform small ensemble roles. 

  • FANTOME OPERA 98x98 V1


    Dancers : All must have a strong classical training and the girls require excellent pointe work.  Voices are of secondary importance to dance, but with dancers of equal ability, voice will be a deciding factor.